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Why Is A Taper Ground, Champion Tooth Saw The Best?

If you read our post “HOW TO BUY A REAL BUCKING CROSSCUT SAW,” a simple flat carbon steel saws may be inexpensive, easy to fabricate, cheaply produced, but I would not recommend using them for logging or bucking all the time, but I would recommend hanging them on a wall for a showcase. I have acquired an authentic, 2 person lanced tooth pattern, straight back bucking saw from my area, a historical logging county, around the 1940’s. The bucking saw I have is flat carbon steel saw, a poor man’s saw at that time. This saw is rusted, the set is off, and worn. Inexpensive saws of the 1940’s and same as today, they do cut wood, for short duty life, yet they are NOT Survivor Duty quality for they are supply chain dependent. See Figure (1).

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Survivor Duty’s New Product List Coming Soon!

Reverse engineering a mint condition 1920’s 2 person crosscut falling and bucking saw keeping to the original specifications of the logging industry primary tool of the century. A two gauge saw featuring the original Crescent Ground tapering that eliminated setting the cutting teeth and binding in the kerf.  Hard yet ductile “Silver Steel alloy,” BS-1407, hardened and tempered for life long durability and resists rusting.

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What is the most accessible sustaining form of energy? Wood! The sun provides heat and electrical energy, (solar panels), but only for 5 hours peak a day with a sunny sky. Also, solar panels are a manufactured product will have a limited duty life to failure. Meaning as solar panels age due to thermal stress, they will decrease in their annual output of energy. This failure rate is nowhere close to the electrical storage medium we choose to use. The common manufacture lead acid batteries are designed to last 4 to 6 years. In a future post, I will cover reconditioning lead acid batteries. The only solid, dependable and renewable form of energy is wood where energy can be stored and released when needed.

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