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Why Is A Taper Ground, Champion Tooth Saw The Best?

If you read our post “HOW TO BUY A REAL BUCKING CROSSCUT SAW,” a simple flat carbon steel saws may be inexpensive, easy to fabricate, cheaply produced, but I would not recommend using them for logging or bucking all the time, but I would recommend hanging them on a wall for a showcase. I have acquired an authentic, 2 person lanced tooth pattern, straight back bucking saw from my area, a historical logging county, around the 1940’s. The bucking saw I have is flat carbon steel saw, a poor man’s saw at that time. This saw is rusted, the set is off, and worn. Inexpensive saws of the 1940’s and same as today, they do cut wood, for short duty life, yet they are NOT Survivor Duty quality for they are supply chain dependent. See Figure (1).

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How to Buy a REAL Bucking Crosscut Saw

If we run to the internet thinking there are new, “authentic” 1 or 2 person crosscut saws on the market, well don’t waste your money! The original antique saws are the only real deal on the market today, see Figure (1). A “new” crosscut saw that forms to the specifications of a real logging saws of the past, can run us well over $1000 as a “custom” design but they will not fit the form of the authentic saws. The grinders, the workmanship, or the tools used 75+ years ago no longer exist.  But, if we spot a new 2 person cross cut saw for around $600 on the internet today, then this is more of a wall saw for display then an actual saw that could buck a 3 foot DA log. Ok then, is there any way to own a new authentic logging buck crosscut saw on the market today? Here is what we need to look for if one does exist for a pre-order.

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