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Acorns, Why Eat Them? REVISION 1


Last year’s acorn collection were a lucky stash. I had a minor fungus infestation before drying for storage in the shell yet they were collected in late December, in dry air, while brown, and fell late in the season healthy. This avoided the weevil larva infestation since the adult weevil was now dormant. Collecting late in the season produces a low yield. Collecting early in the season, while the nut was green, caused my harvest to become infested with the weevil larva, yet I had a large yield. I found a way to recover fresh laurel oak acorns to dry and store for next year without both the weevil larva or fungus infestations.

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Acorns, Why Eat Them?

I have read documentaries about how south eastern tribes collected and leached the tannic acid from acorns and use them as a major food source back in the 1600’s, see figure (1). Oaks were once common everywhere across the country before modern farming and urban development.

Figure 1

Muscogee pounded this mica stone for over 10,000 years near the Chattahoochee river for acorn flower.

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