Survivalist Hard Wired Charge Controller

WARNING: Do NOT make homemade charge controllers. To avoid potential fire hazard, electric shock or damage to electrical component, use only industry standard charge controllers. This post is for information only.

Here is the scenario, all of my integrated charge controllers have fail. All “ACME” Hardware stores have shut down. I do have rectifier diodes as a backup. I need to route straight 18v DC to my storage units. Since I am using ultra-capacitors and Nickel Iron batteries; my (M1), all I need is a simple charge controller.

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LED Lighting

Chapter 1

I will make this point many times in my essays, I do not relay on microprocessors. Even in times of  peace and industrialization, I have had processors fail on me too many times. I would never rely on them in a survivalist situation (inverters etc). All my circuits are hard wire by relay controlled (solenoid) or industrial diodes. This hard wired circuit can be repaired and replaced. LED lighting, that is a weak diode (Semiconductor; one direction current), is manufactured by use of crystals and alloys, elements yet prone to heat stress.

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Indian Mounds

Chapter 1

By far, mankind’s ability to survive in small groups, with primitive tools, for thousands of years, became the “industrial revolution” that we live in today. As humanity migrated out of Africa to Europe then to North America in waves, these ” hunter gatherers ” were on the move for new food sources as the seasons changed. The generic old name “American Indian” to the politically correct conversion “Native Americans” is in reality a composite of many human migrations from Asia and Europe spanning thousands of years as new genetic research is proving. As societies evolved both in Europe and in the Americas, agriculture was and is the pinnacle achievement of human society. Now humanity can “stay put” to have the time to think, to think is to invent, to invent is the evolution of new metal tools and the innovation of electrons that makes our life “comfortable” in this century.

Roger Williams, Bartholomew Gosnold, Captain Martin Pring and Captain John Smith all witness “open land” from the East Coast to Main.

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Survival Gardens

Most Americans who have a yard large enough to grow a small consumable garden grow foods as a hobby or to supplement their diet with fresh vegetables. Store bought Fertilizers, insect control, pots or buckets and irrigation devices guarantee a successful garden if the owner at least follows through with watering and upkeep. Maintaining a garden without store bought fertilizes, insecticides or access with a pressurized water supply, will more than likely end up  in failure. The child category “Survival Gardens” will focus on informative techniques acquired by thousands of years of farming by the native inhabitants who once farmed the vary lands we live off of today, now buried in the modern infrastructure of buildings, houses and roads. Continue reading Survival Gardens

Why Do We Need To Know? is an educational and product resource guide for off grid survival. In the 1800’s, most Americans were homesteaders; able to provide the necessities of their family with limited resources for months at a time, sometimes up to a year.


The arts of canning, bread making, soap making, candle making, or small garden farming are no longer needed in a modern urban infrastructure.

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