SurvivorDuty's New Product List Coming Soon!

Survivor Duty’s New Product List Coming Soon!

Reverse engineering a mint condition 1920’s 2 person crosscut falling and bucking saw keeping to the original specifications of the logging industry primary tool of the century. A two gauge saw featuring the original Crescent Ground tapering that eliminated setting the cutting teeth and binding in the kerf.  Hard yet ductile “Silver Steel alloy,” BS-1407, hardened and tempered for life long durability and resists rusting.

SurvivorDuty will bring back the square glass battery case. Tempered glass that can last a lifetime reconditioning lead acid battery plates.  New techiques and tools for power storage restoration.

SurvivorDuty’s Design Team will feature new product design for power storage, power generation and pumping applications. Stay tuned!

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