How Do Inuit Survive Without Fresh Vegetables and Vitamin C?

How Do Inuit Survive Without Fresh Vegetables and Vitamin C?

The Inuit, also known as Eskimos, have lived on the frozen tundra for thousands of years consuming meat alone. There were no gardens, fruit trees, berry patches, or a food supply chain in the arctic back in the 1600s. Yet mariners on ships from Europe would suffer scurvy, the lack of vitamin C, if they were out to sea for months. So are Inuit’s biology differ from everyone else? The short answer is no.

Without a fresh supply of meats and vegetables, (your grocery store), the next best thing are canned goods, then dry goods. Depending on the duration of a infrastructure disruption, a survivalist would have to forage for fresh nutrients then depend strictly on processed can foods. To be a “prepper” is more than just storing food, you have to have the knowledge to grow, forage and hunt fresh nutrients to just stay alive. The Inuits survived on the frozen tundra because they eat meats raw; some meats do contain small quantities of vitamin C if not cooked. The key is fresh foods. We would not survive long on “prepper” stored foods alone. Survival is a complex combination of storage, farming, and foraging happening all at the same time. Native Americans had methods of attaining fresh foods even during droughts. One method was the well trained art of finding edible roots in the ground passed on generation after generation. Also, acorns and other drought resistant nuts, bark, and leaves are a fresh source of carbohydrates and vitamins. The one who has this knowledge knows no hunger and stays fit, yet the one who knows only how to shop in a grocery store, will die of starvation in a few weeks not knowing that eatable food is all around them.

In my future posts, I will cover what signs to look for if you body is deficient in nutrients, and how to find the foods to re-supply what our body is lacking.

Oh, just a FYI, if the reader lives in the south, boiling young green pine needles like a tea has a great source of Vitamin C.

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