Home Defense Chapter 1: The Awakening

Home Defense Chapter 1: The Awakening

There are so many considerations to those who prepare for survival. One is the most concerning is water then food. The second after this is security. Having a plan for surviving and having the food storage and resources will not be enough if you’re on your own. If your survival assets are visible, say solar panels, they are easy targets for theft.

Develop a means to communications between your neighbors. So, what if you have no close neighbors you can trust? Time to develop a “tribe”. The first members of our tribe will be our own family or friends. We will need a leader to organize the group into work specific skill sets. We will need our own patrols day and night to canvas the surrounding area to warn of possible threats; (sentry). Some form of defensive screen surrounding the house if possible. We will also need some form or communication between home base and those out on patrol. (I will cover in later post homemade hard wired transmitting communicators). EVERYONE will be involved, male or female, the young AND the elders.

My next post Chapter 2: Mobility.

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