Only By Simple Skills Can Humanity Survive Another Thousand Years

Only By Simple Skills Can Humanity Survive Another Thousand Years

We understand instinct by observing wild animals. They are born pre-programmed with textbooks of knowledge without having to use any cognitive reasoning to study and then imprint information unlike that of humans. The evolution of human innovations migrated away from our primitive brains thousands of years ago to that of cognitive reasoning leaving humanity with the burden of teaching, (informing), our young survival skills. We no longer inherit information.  Yet, unlike animals, humans have the ability to create more efficient survival techniques that primitive brains lack. Over the millennia, climate change was extreme and those who lived in these environment were able to cope and survive. The innovations including farming, (vegetation and livestock), food storage, self defense, and medicine all were handed down by generations by example or by verbal training. Not by instinctive thought, but by intelligent cognitive reasoning that builds on past innovations that increase the power of creativity tenfold.

When mankind moved past simple farming and hunter gathering, only in the past 100 years, machines took the place of thought and made us slaves to a fragile system that can fail at any time. For example, our only “survival” techniques of today, “the modern American,” is to purchase pre-process foods at grocery stores and cook with microwave radiation. Over 98% of Americans have no knowledge how to grow the simplest of vegetables. We think we are “famers” when we buy store bought seeds, store bought fertilizers and rely on pressurized water, electricity and insecticides. In other words, our children are not taught to perform the simplest tasks of survival that was once common knowledge to our ancestors for thousands of years. Without this basic knowledge and skill set, and if the modern infrastructure failed for any duration past 4 months, most of us will not survive simply because we do not have the basic knowledge of farming, processing yields or the ability to store raw or cooked food without electricity. Without fresh water and sanitary conditions, disease and starvation will quickly overcome us in a few weeks. With 320 million hungry mouths to feed, only after a few months, most of us would have perished if we had no outside assistance. A world in turmoil means that there will be no “Red Cross” to come to our aid in 7 days, let alone months on end.

The importance of a “Survival Duty” website or any source of the simple art of homesteading should be taught in schools, but this is not the case. Only those who have this knowledge would be the most powerful and the most dangerous depending on the morality of that individual in a time of international crises. I cannot stress this any clearer of the importance to have hard copies of sustainable substantive farming and survival techniques at hand that covers all bases of agriculture and self sustainability.

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