2016: A Supervolcano, Campi Flegrei, WILL Erupt as a Cataclysmic Event!

2016: A Supervolcano, Campi Flegrei, WILL Erupt as a Cataclysmic Event!

As of December 2016, as reported by the Associated Press, the Campi Flegrei volcano, near the Italian city of Naples, is building up for an eruption. But this is not a volcano like a Mount St. Helens, but a possible cataclysmic caldera-forming eruption. An eruption so devastating that in its past, caused mass extinctions around the world with its “nuclear” like winters.

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The Campi Flegrei volcano is a 7.5-mile-wide cauldron that collapsed on top of an ancient volcano. Though half of it is obscured beneath the blue waters of the Mediterranean, the other half is seethes with hydrothermal activity: Sulfuric acid spews from active fumaroles; geysers spout water and steam and boiling mud. 125 miles south of Rome, earthquakes swarm and shudder through the region. The site’s last major eruption happened back in 1538, but the caldera itself is some 39,000 years old, formed by an eruption larger than anything else in the past 200,000 years of European history. This prehistoric outburst, which spewed almost a trillion gallons of molten rock and sulfur into the atmosphere, set off a “volcanic winter” that led to mass extinctions of certain plants and animals around the world. In other words, the volcano is not a “Naples” event but a world event.

If a Campi Flegrei volcano erupted today, with only half the energy of its past, the international infrastructure WILL collapse. Maybe not long term but long enough for millions of people to starve. This is why I take having the knowledge of survival seriously. Tragedy is a part of living. We can survive the small stuff with no major problems, (hurricanes, earthquakes), but a major international crisis is unknown in the modern technological infrastructure? Today, unlike back in the 1800’s, the world ecological system of plants and animals is trying to support billions of people on a good day. Any disruption in our supply chain, we will witness a catastrophe never seen in modern times. Maybe not in our life time, but it WILL happen in another’s. Just go back to the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, the year the world had no summer. Do to the loss of crops for a whole summer season, it is estimated over 100,000 people died, and this was a small volcanic event compared to Campi Flegrei  and the world population was half as it is today.
I feel it is a civic duty to keep the knowledge of self sustaining fresh in the minds of the next generation. That generation may be humanities last hope to survive another cataclysmic cycle that is all too common in Earth’s geological past.

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