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Our guest writer Richard Thornton, ( Richard is a true survivalist, knowing his Creek heritage, he has the intuition and experience to live off the land without any supply grid. Richard is a professional architect, city planner, author and museum exhibit designer-builder. He is today considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the Southeastern Indians. Richard is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the KVWETV (Coweta) Creek Tribe and a member of the Perdido Bay Creek Tribe. Thornton is the president of the Apalache Foundation, which is sponsoring research into the advanced indigenous societies of the Lower Southeast.

Since Bonnie’s Plants, Inc.  have gained a complete monopoly over potted plants sold at Walmarts, Home Depots and garden supply stores around much of the United States,  Gulf Coast plant diseases have spread exponentially across the nation’s landscape.  The Southeast Alabama mega-corporation probably means well, but with such a massive volume of potted vegetables and flowers being delivered nationally each week,  it is quite easy for parasitic fungi, bacteria, insects and worms to become quickly established in a region, where they traditionally were never a problem.  In some areas, it is becoming futile to grow members of the squash and tomato families, unless one plans to spend more money on fungicides and nematacides than the vegetables would cost in the supermarket.


Is China or Russia The Fools Or The Victors?

Back in the 1950’s, with the Soviet Union starting their nuclear arsenal, the cold war becoming reality. The American public took the threat of a nuclear war serious and took upon themselves to prepare. With limited resources, without government assistance, Americans could do very little but to stock up on can goods or build a small fallout shelter in their back yard. The famous public mockery service videos to inform the public how to survive a nuclear war, the “duck and cover” productions, were the government’s intent to mislead the public. The videos were shown to children in schools to indoctrinate the next generation that an all out nuclear war was survivable. The government propaganda did pay off for today because most Americans greatest fears are the price of gas at the pump or what shows will be canceled on Netflex. Meanwhile, China, Russia, the U.S. Military and the rich and famous are building fallout shelters at this very moment. The question is why? What do they know that we, “the Joe public,” does not?

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Survival Gardens Forth Year

As I recommended that everyone should have their own survival garden for the best teacher is experience. We don’t know the details how Native Americans grew their gardens 1000 years ago under our vary feet, but the early explorers were eye witnesses to some of their techniques. Using this information, my first year I used charcoal and ash to sweeten the soil but I actually made the soil more acidic. The yield was a corn stock the size of a blade of grass. The second year I used fresh fish for the source of nitrogen and my corn stocks grew 3 large ears of corn. The third year I used mulch that was not aged so my yield was one small ear of corn but I have learned a great deal in my forth year.

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