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Survival Gardens

Most Americans who have a yard large enough to grow a small consumable garden grow foods as a hobby or to supplement their diet with fresh vegetables. Store bought Fertilizers, insect control, pots or buckets and irrigation devices guarantee a successful garden if the owner at least follows through with watering and upkeep. Maintaining a garden without store bought fertilizes, insecticides or access with a pressurized water supply, will more than likely end up  in failure. The child category “Survival Gardens” will focus on informative techniques acquired by thousands of years of farming by the native inhabitants who once farmed the vary lands we live off of today, now buried in the modern infrastructure of buildings, houses and roads.

  1. How to create “Indian Mounds.” A time proven method of farming by Native Americans long before the invention of the plow. This method of farming is not simply raised garden beds, but a time tested method of delivering high yields without genetic engineering, fertilizers or pesticides.
  2. How to build mulch mounds. Many native cultures had enormous earthen mounds used to supply nutrients for their “Indian Mounds” farms.
  3. How to create lime and calcium for enhancing the soil ph and supply soaps for good hygiene.
  4. Disease, insect infestations and rodent control.
  5. Soil tests to determine the health of your garden.

… And much more. Check back with us as we build this site so you will have the knowledge and the information needed for the survival of your family if the access to 24 hour grocery stores was not an option.


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