SurvivalDuty.com is an educational and product resource guide for off grid survival. In the 1800’s, most Americans were homesteaders; able to provide the necessities of their family with limited resources for months at a time, sometimes up to a year. Examples: The arts of canning, bread making, soap making, candle making, or farming are no longer needed in a modern urban infrastructure. In the 1800, 90%+ of US Population was rural and agriculture. In 2000 less than 20% rural and 5% agriculture.(1)

Most modern families fulfill their needs in weekly intervals at local groceries stores, home hardware stores, and restaurants. Power and water/sewer grids supply daily needs of life. Transportation grid supplies daily urban resources for manufacturing, inventory, income, and comfortable lifestyle.  Any disruption longer than a two week period, most Americans would began to starve and thirst. In a month, with infrastructure shut down, most Americans would find it hard to survive. We all are completely dependent on our modern international supply chain. Without the energy to supply modern machinery for farming, manufacturing, and product delivery, the world would only have the capacity to feed half the population. Any scenario for a disruption (temporary or sustaining) of this supply chain: war, terrorism, nuclear, natural disaster, contagion, will cause great suffering throughout the world. Waiting on a Red Cross to hand out water and food will NOT be an option if the world is trying to feeding 7 billion people a day with half the global resources.

Those who interested in a background knowledge on how to become self sustaining, then this site can be a resource to start your research and preparedness.

SurviorDuty or SurvialDuty Editor: Michael Callahan. A mechanical engineer in aerospace, material handling and power equipment for over 20 years. Practicing survivalist designs and techniques for over 10 years.

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(1) USDA and U.S. Census.


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